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Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

LD Polyethylene is produced with a density ranging from 0.910 and 0.940g/cm3. It is known for its low tensile strength and high ductility which makes it ideal for production of plastic bags and wrapping films.

LDPE produces four different low density polyethylene film grade with melt flow rates (MFR) range of 0.25 – 4.0 g/10min. T LDPE grades exhibit mainly excellent dart impact, high puncture & tear resistance, shrinkability and saleability.

Major applications include:

  • Heavy duty packaging, shrink wrap film, agricultural film, etc.
  • Medium duty packaging, shrink wrap film etc.
  • Bags, pouches, food packaging lamination film, shrink film, etc.
  • Lamination film, laundry bags, shrink film, food packaging pouches, etc.


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